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Novel World of Chessboard - Author: Updating
Life is like a play, young master Qing Yi. What was distinct in black and white was the chess game; what was indistinct was the human heart. Chess is difficult to decide, step by step, one wrong move, all lost. He was gentle and refined, drunk and free from worldly strife; he wore an open and upright robe, his reputation as a man of the world was just like smoke passing through his eyes; he lowered his eyebrows and gave a slight smile. He was playful, dashing, and elegant; he had a fan in his hand; it was common for people to fight openly or secretly, and they would look down on him with their heads held high. It was originally a different life, yet it became a straight line that led to a completely different end point. Was he going to be reborn from the flames? When the chessboard was no longer black and white, when every single chess piece was imbued with the hearts of the people, vividly displaying the word "chess", the chessboard would no longer be a chessboard, but a formidable game. Close] back<<

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