Chapter 1708 Ming Dandan’s Fight

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Chapter 1708 Ming Dandan’s Fight

Through it all, Lin Mu also started to improve while also figuring out what the four immortals were best at.

He discovered that each of them had something they were better at. For example, Qian Wen was the most adept at understanding the actual battle tactics having had some training in it beforehand due to being a soldier of the royal army.

Ming Aolian and Ming Dandan on the other hand were better at simply understanding the theory behind different skills and techniques. Lin Mu reckoned since both of them were taught by the same master, it might have reflected in their learning ability as well.

Then there was Lu Xu who was best at picking out vulnerabilities in techniques. It was a difficult thing and yet it came to him naturally.

Learning these points, Lin Mu tried to expand more on them while customizing them according to each person.

Just like this, hour after hour went by and they soon turned into days. They didn't even realize how deep they had gone until it was finally time for Ming Dandan's fight!

"AH!" She was startled as the token hummed, reminding her of the fight that was going to happen soon.

time?" Lin

to go now."

They had accrued a decent amount too, having spent nearly five days there. Though

might as well return to their own accommodations. In fact, Lu Xu

had the Saintess living there. He wouldn't bring others over there and bother the Saintess by

Ming Dandan's ring where the battle

Hutao come to the

right away, as the

Ming Dandan's opponent was actually stronger than her. He was also at the Third Tribulation

beast was different than most and looked like a mix of several animals. It had

seeing a beast like this and learned that

it for her. The Mulch Crawl Eater Beast that Ming Dandan was using was also at the

able to make them appear without there being any actual swamp around them. Lin

Lin Mu's mind. "It is a subset of

a new Dao for the

Crawl Eater Beast fought. It would slow down the opponent by turning

them. Since it had the body of an anteater, the claws of the beast were

before flinging it across. The force it slung it

in sheer strength. Not to mention that he was good at footwork

getting fierce, Lin Mu started

any panic. The lessons that Lin Mu had given her came in handy

using the Severing Heart Sutra and making him miss his steps. Then when the man was

rhythm and force him to attack

got to see a beast tamer fight using a beast like this.

minutes, ending only when Jiang

to stab into his back using

the winner!" The

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