Chapter 2036

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2036 The Nine Primordial Tribulations Physique, Chu Kuangren’s Trial, Are You Willing to Let Go of Your Obsessions?

“The Taiyuan Forefather… is dead.”

The young woman in black robes looked dazed when she saw the scene.

Was her greatest enemy dead just like that?

Chu Kuangren had killed him without any effort!

The other cultivators also looked astonished.

It was their first time seeing a Primordial killed by a cultivator beneath his level!

“By the heavens, this is just too frightening.”

“Who the hell is this person? Why don’t we have any intel on him? It’s like he just appeared out of nowhere.”

“Could he be an elite from another universe?”

Someone thought.

Rumor had it that within the Infiniverse, individuals known as Transcendentalists existed. Those beings possessed the ability to move between universes, traveling across the Infiniverse.

Despite that, how could a cultivator below an Embodier’s level achieve such a thing?

Everyone was puzzled.

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangren had already grabbed the Chaos Flower and left.

“I must become a powerful elite like him!”

The young black-robed woman, Lan, thought as she watched Chu Kuangren leave.

Amidst the crowd, someone stared at Lan with a strange look in his eyes.

After killing the Taiyuan Forefather, Chu Kuangren left the Chaos with the Chaos Flower in his possession. Seeing that there were only a few days left for Lil Ai to finish absorbing all the knowledge in this universe, he decided to find somewhere to stay before it was time for him to leave.

On an unnamed ancient planet somewhere, Chu Kuangren was sitting with his legs crossed.

received a Transcendent-tier reward,



of little use to him. The treasures and items he had

handful of them

that from the Fantasy Roulette when those rewards

the description of

Dao-level technique specifically used

one’s physical body. Normally, cultivators wishing to ascend to

was a technique that enabled the user to forge

master that technique, they would have

had undergone all nine Primordial tribulations, they could easily kill



the Nine Primordial Tribulation Physique, Chu Kuangren

only to notice a young

her,” Chu

was Lan, the

paths have crossed again.


a strand of

engaged in battle with

and there were a few Arch Gilded Immortals among them. As a Gilded

techniques and items, she


Holy Ground still exists. I will not back

her body. Blood was flowing from her wounds as

help but feel

mere Gilded Immortal, can hold your own for so long is quite surprising.

end has

to unleash a final attack on Lan when

the void cracked

time to react before the barrage of sword qi

the sword qi

Kuangren. Hence, she traveled toward the source of the sword qi,

white robes had

around him

person was her rescuer, so

sign, setting up layers upon layers of enchanted barriers

pondered. “My rescuer just saved me for a second time, yet why did he place

me, he wouldn’t have saved me just now,

entered the enchanted

an eye, the scene

Now, a mountain made from countless razor-sharp swords stood before

walked toward that

cut into her flesh, the

that did

the mountain of swords, stumbling along the way, and forcing herself back on her feet.

woman’s body was

mountain peak, Chu Kuangren’s figure immediately

of swords

was an ocean

at the end of the

swords or an ocean of flames? Compared to the pain and

that ocean of

and scorched her skin, revealing

Lan persevering through the torments of his

all of this universe’s

just discovered an interesting little fellow. Let’s wait

Lan was now moving

the distance, the white-robed figure

days, she had been

into a new illusory realm. Although it was an illusory realm, the illusions were

had been through dozens

and hellish landscapes, some illusions even symbolized

she went through, Chu Kuangren would

up. I will meet

all the

clouds of mists, from which Chu Kuangren’s

my rescuer. And seeing that you’ve created all these illusions to test me, I do not wish

impressive and unparalleled in this universe. Seeing that we have met several times,


with joy and

you wish to be my disciple, you must maintain a pure Daoist core, untainted by worldly desires. If you

when she heard

of my

Doesn’t he know

fueled by hatred

her to let go

you willing to let

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