Chapter 1806

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1806 The Embodier Makes A Move, The Ji Clan Collapses, Various Forces Are Feeling Uneasy

Whether it was Hua Wuai, the first ever Equinox Flower in the universe, or the Desire Flower, the Desire Realm’s Source Flower, both their strengths were extraordinary and comparable to a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal. As such, their move caused a huge change in the battle.

As the Equinox Flower bloomed in the void and samsara energy emanated, many soldiers collapsed and went into the cycle of rebirth.

Soon, countless vines stretched out from the Desire Flower. Many soldiers fell into the whirlpool of desire and could not extricate themselves as the vines danced between them.

It did not take long for the Desire Flower to devour their blood, flesh, and desire and turn them into nutrients.

The power of the two flowers raged on the battlefield and was almost unmatched.


With the help of the Underworld army, the Underworld Terracotta Army, and other forces, the Immortal Hall’s eighty million armies were wiped out.

The Immortal Hall was defeated in that battle.

“It’s your turn to die now!”

Chu Kuangren looked at the Immortal Hall’s Four Great Heavenly Kings. With the Nine Dragon’s energy surrounding him, he slashed the Heaven Stabilizer in his hand forward and channeled the Invincible Self-empowerment Arch Gilded Intent to its limit.

The sword ray spun out with magnificent sword intent!

Having taken the brunt of the impact, the sword in Mo Liqing’s hand broke with a clunk, and he died as soon as his body was torn apart by the sword attack!


“Damn it. Chu Kuangren, I’ll fight you to death!”

The other three felt so indignant that they mobilized their Immortal’s Cores to their limit and then recklessly launched suicidal attacks on Chu Kuangren!

die, they would drag

not worthy of

the chilly sword rays flashed one after another,

emerged to form a huge golden hand that spanned hundreds of millions

shook the land

Immortal Hall’s Embodier

merging Daoist laws, was difficult for those with a


A giant palm as black as ink attacked the

and the golden hand collided, hundreds

cracks spread

familiar with the Celestial Demon

had made

really are shameless. How could a

not be kept alive!”

emerged in the void and turned into a

a trick! Immortal Emperor

voice sounded

to block the attack for Chu

not as powerful as one-thousandth of the huge hand just now, it was an Embodier’s attack.

onto the space around Chu Kuangren,

the Underworld generals

Mark on his forehead glowed brilliantly. The Green Lotus’ Destruction Energy

collided with the

backward by the powerful energy, smashing

mountains in the distance


still an attack from an Embodier. I’m afraid no

would either kill Chu Kuangren or

white walked out of

and the ancient sword

He looked in the direction of the Immortal Hall

to take



frightening is

was not in his heyday, the power of that blow

sounded from the

Immortal Hall is looking forward to the next confrontation with you!”

presence, and as long as Bei Ming and the Seven

done many favors for you. Are

clan looked at the Immortal


continue fighting with Chu Kuangren, they

was useless to the Immortal Hall. Hence, it was better for them

of you!” Ji clan’s

Ji clan members were

and the Underworld army charged forward, wiping out Ji

the Ji clan, who had the protection

the Immortal World. Not only his strength but the

among the younger generation

that winning the position of Immortal World Ruler in the

World will have to obey

scheme. Especially some forces that were at

been around for decades could compete with the Immortal Hall! Now that he has returned, he will become the Immortal

World, and we and Chu Kuangren are enemies. If

will target the

Buddha, can’t live in peace. I’m afraid Wu Tian will

hanging above all great forces, and no one knew

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