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Novel Thunder Martial - Author: Zhong Xia Ma Du
With the price of a life, a young man named Zi Chen finally understood what did 'brother' mean.Because of a piece of 500-year-old silvery ginseng, Zi Chen was destroyed with his dantian by his brother, and then pushed down the cliff. Luckily, he was sensed by the Thunder Essence hidden in the cliffs, and he thus obtained the precious Thunder Essence Seed. Not only did he revive after death, he even obtained a powerful body refining technique to rebuild his dantian."Friends are supposed to be sold when there are benefits.” It was all he remembered before his life faded away. From the moment he entered the inner sect to revenge, Zi Chen knew what he wanted and what was his bottom line.☆About the Author☆Zhong Xia Ma Du, a new generation of online novelist, has a masterpiece Thunder Martial Art. Although he is young, his writing is skilled and mature. Similar to the experiences of many online writers, Zhong Xia Ma Du has moved from reading novels to writing novels and gains a lot of popularity. back<<

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