Chapter 5546 I am not an examinee (asking for a monthly  pass)

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5546  Chapter 5546 I am not an examinee (asking for a monthly pass)

Yun Chujiu looked at the dead bear on the ground, feeling proud in her heart. Little Fellow, you still want to eat me? If you have the ability, then come and eat me!

Those people dug out the golden-eyed desolate bear’s inner core and put it away. After that, they also put away the golden-eyed desolate bear’s corpse.

Seeing that they did not discuss the ownership of the demon core, Yun Chujiu was even more certain that they were a small team. She estimated that they would split the spoils of war evenly in the end.

At this time, those people looked at Yun Chujiu and were all stunned.

The ninth layer of spiritual destruction?

What kind of joke was this? !

Wasn’t the Ten Directions Academy only able to apply for the exam above the fifth layer of divine enlightenment? How did she get the qualification to apply?

an audit student. The Cai Department asked me to come in

is really too low. If I don’t follow you,

run into trouble, I’ll take the initiative to

to come in and help him find something?

believe her. She took out her jade

lowered her voice. “In order to thank you

people to look for the target of the robbery.

his hands. Once it is activated, the jade token in our

had not expected that moon-treading young master would actually have the absolute space

and decided to

background. Moreover, it was supervisor Cai who let

take her with him. At most,

Your Name? Where are you

I ascended from the Chongxiao

the others were stunned.

audience of the ten

to be called by her,

Binger. She asked tentatively, “You ascended from the Chongxiao continent.

said vaguely, “I was recommended by Superintendent Zhang. By the

glances with the others. Since it was

He is the eldest grandson of the head of the Bai family. He is already at the

Gouwei Bacao in her Dantian suddenly began to wave

There were no rocks here.

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The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!