Chapter 4705 - 4705 Chapter 4705: visitors

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Chapter 4705 - 4705 Chapter 4705: visitors

4705 Chapter 4705: visitors

Yun Chujiu was worried that the people of the Divine Devil Hall were playing some kind of trick. She was afraid that they would set up an ambush by the sea. She sent the Shadow Bird to scout many times before she left the Sea of water mirror on her flying spirit tool.

On the way, she met people from the five major sects who were looking for her and returned to the nameless sword sect together.

Master Ouyang reprimanded her. Hei xinjiu naturally wouldn’t be stupid enough to talk about the two pearls. She only said that she wanted to go to the sea of water mirror to have fun, but she met people from the Divine Devil Hall.

were very surprised. Why did the people from the

anything. The people from the Divine Devil Hall and

hei xinjiu had a very comfortable

else went very smoothly. She even went

to look for him. However, after waiting for a long time, he did not see Yun Chujiu coming over

the risk to come in and visit

Jian Feng into the demon realm. In this

placed in the ten-thousand-year-old green jade bottle. It would be great

the brick. Although they could not speak, the mockery was

remnant souls that the ghost ancestor had collected in the beginning, there must be a way to turn Jian

non-stop, and she was feeling a little flustered. This fellow could not help but frown.

the Chongxiao continent, and she

She could not wait to go to the

continent. Her spiritual power level was not at the peak of the

her identity jade token rang. Master Ouyang’s voice came

she noticed that the atmosphere

the main seat but in the guest seat on the left, while

could be said to be very important. Why did it seem

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