The Youngest Son of a Master Swordsman

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Novel The Youngest Son of a Master Swordsman - Author: 황제펭귄
Jean Looncandel.The youngest son of Looncandel, the greatest swordsman on the continent.The worst blunt force in the history of Looncandel.Once again, he was given a chance to die in vain after being driven out miserably."How do you want to use this force?""I want to use it for me."Memory of previous life, overwhelming talent, and contract with God.The preparation to be the strongest is finished.A member of the Looncandel family, from generation to generation, becomes a one-star knight at 13. In more than a thousand years of family history, it was Jean Looncandel who broke the record and managed to become a one-star knight when he was 25.Eventually, Jin was abandoned by his family and kicked out, and just before he died, he learned magic.Yes. Jean's talent was not a sword, but a magic. After only three years of learning magic, Solderlet, the god of shadow, offers him a contract.And it turned out that Jin was under a curse that he didn't even know about, so he couldn't take advantage of his ability.I was hoping that with the help of Solderlet, I would become a magician who would do both magic and sword work. I was caught up in a ridiculous thing and died... I'm about to give up because I think it's over, but when I wake up, why am I a baby? back<<

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