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Novel The Wuxia Phone - Author: Immortal_Overlord
Michael was just walking down the road that day when a Red truck headed towards him before darkness enveloped his vision. When he woke up he found himself in a forest with nothing but his clothes and his phone.As time goes by his personality started to change as he walked the lonely path of a Cultivator. His body change as he tried to survive in this horrifying world.Michael stood atop the mountain like a great immortal as he gazed coldly at his fallen enemies and said with a freezing voice."You all dare to defy me!? For that, all of you will receive my punishment in the form of... Hell."Mortals and Immortals alike gaze at him in reverence, Gods and Deities trembled in anger as they watch him conquer the realms they created, Devils and Demons feared his wrath as he gazed at them coldly."I am Michael Wilson and I will conquer everything" He announced in front of the council of Gods and Deities. back<<

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