The Villainess' Son is Innocent

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Yoon Delico






Novel The Villainess' Son is Innocent - Author: Yoon Delico
I became the daughter of the heroine after the ending of the novel.The original story was finished, and I was living a comfortable and happy life with the perks of the heroine being my mother.“Velsia. I’m the only one who’ll ever love everything about you.”The son of the villainess who suffered from madness. That, was Emil Calliste, an innocent child who’d been shunned at a young age because of his mother’s sins.And, he was also the child who inherited that madness and massacred my entire family.I, who died, has now returned to my former 10 year-old self.In order to avoid death, I decided to try to cure Emil of his madness.“You were the only who ever saw me for myself.”“Emil, wait-““And you were the only one who ever reached out a hand towards me.”I thought I’d ensured that he grew up with a better childhood, but…“So please, stay by my side.”Contrary to my original intentions, he’d now become obsessed with me.“Please continue pitying me.”The child had grown up to become a man and now caught me back<<

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