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Novel The Strongest Sect Master In... - Author: zhi chi lao hu
When others transmigrated, they would be the kind of people with heaven defying talent. Once they transmigrated, they would be able to reach the pinnacle of their lives! But for him, when he accidentally transmigrated, all he got was a trash body and an old and weak sect master where the sect only had one prentice —— Our MC... Until the five years later. "'Ding... Activating Supreme Domain!” When he heard this voice, his expression suddenly froze, and the rabbit leg in his hand slid down! “Five years! System, you finally came out! Do you know how I've lived these five years?! ” In these five years, other than the old man, he had never seen a second person! Last night, the old man had passed away. When he was mourning in front of his grave. The system had finally come out! Now With the system had been activated, everything would be different! As more apprentice he recruited, The system would level up and getting more powerful and promote his own cultivation level. [Level 1: System has been activated. Invincible In The World!] [Level 2: Within the domain, you could tampering with everything!] And more… "For now the host would be invincible in the sect” .... Could he make the God Sect once more becoming the number one sect? Could he becoming the top sect master and the strongest cultivator in this world?" back<<

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