Chapter 584: Tragedy Writer And Comedian

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Chapter 584: Tragedy Writer And Comedian

Thirteenth Fragrance looked at his companion with some concern.

After listening to Thirteenth Fragrance’s explanation, Husky had a stunned expression of “Oh, so that’s it”, and began to flip through his “inventory”, looking for things.

Leaving aside Husky’s comprehension ability, how much did Thirteenth Fragrance’s blood pressure increase?

Husky’s previous preliminary search was objectively quite useful.

He used brute force and smashed through all the doors of other rooms on the second floor except Justice’s room. This effectively saved time during the investigative phase. After all, Thirteenth Fragrance could not do that.

Although the body of “Frederick” had the status and attributes of the Silver Wizard, he was only limited to the stats.

If it were a silver-ranked swordsman, perhaps they could rely on their physical attributes to demonstrate some abilities. However, for a pure silver-ranked wizard, there wouldn’t be much beyond the attribute points they gained from their training.

If the boss came in, he could display the true strength of this “body”. However, Thirteenth Fragrance did not know Idol Spells.

Even if “Justice” did not stop him, it won’t be easy for him to break in.

It was even possible for him to lose health points.

Luckily, even though Husky was lacking in puzzle-solving skills, he was quick and diligent in his work, at least completing all of the early tasks.

“Luckily, this dungeon instance allows a high degree of freedom.”

Husky lowered his head and rummaged through his cloth bag while complaining, “If I pick it up, and then prompts pop up like [Can’t be moved], [Can’t be opened], [A red apple], [A toy knife] or something, I can’t do anything about it.”


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