Chapter 5529 No

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Chapter 5529 No

Ves was supposed to speak at this time.

If everything proceeded according to expectations, then this was supposed to be the time where he announced a proxy vote distribution that would cause one of the plans to get ejected from consideration.

Yet instead of allowing him to announce his decision in front of the entire assembly hall, the Polymath behaved in a highly atypical manner and broke the rules of this voting session by speaking out of turn!

For a moment, everyone became paralyzed as they couldn't process what had just happened.

They couldn't process the fact that the Polymath of all people had made this seemingly impulsive decision!

"Pardon, Your Excellency?"

"No." The regally dressed woman repeated with greater emphasis this time. "This farce has proceeded long enough. When we initially conceived of this method of determination in order to break the deadlock between our proposals, we chose to impart the wisest and most experienced individuals aligned with our faction the power to decide. This process had become perverted by the irregular actions of 89 of them. Instead of relying on their own wisdom to guide their votes, they instead abandoned their intended duty by passing it on to the least qualified to make this important choice."

The Polymath clearly did not like the arguments put forth by all of those delegates to justify their actions.

The Xenotechnician couldn't help but stand up in the defense of the process.

"None of us could have foreseen that the rules would be bent in this manner, but that does not mean it is any less valid. You may entertain doubts about Professor Larkinson's suitability to cast his vote on this occasion, but the fact remains that he is an officially recognized tier 3 galactic citizen based on contributions. It is also a fact that the rules allow for him to hold the right to cast votes on behalf of others by proxy. There is no limit to the amount of proxy votes he can exercise, so what has happened so far is still in order."

That was the wrong thing to say to the Polymath.

For the first time she showed up in public, the famed Star Designer began to display a hint of contempt that was slightly amplified by her immensely powerful domain!

"This is the problem with humans! Too many of you have an unexplainable compulsion to break the rules for all sorts of irrational reasons. You also follow rules that have become detrimental or out of alignment with actual reality. Our flawed society is harmed by too many incidents of both cases. This voting session is a strong example where the combination of intention and rules result in a fundamental perversion of what should have been a serious process to enact a plan to guide red humanity to greatness."

More and more people looked disturbed. They were all clever enough to understand the Polymath's argument more or less. Perhaps they thought about intervening themselves, but only dismissed this course of action because they lacked the might and gravitas to make themselves heard.

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my trust in the wisdom and judgment of all of the delegates. I miscalculated. It was a mistake to trust that you would recognize that our societal structure has degenerated far too

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Way Galaxy, we have ultimately decided that it is best to cut off this link between our two groups. Red humanity is in grave danger, and may very well become extinct in the following decades. We must not allow our distant cousins


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the most powerful construct of their race

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