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Novel The Fourth Saint in Chaos: Sword Saint - Author: Hu Tou Wang
Billions of paths, 3,000 great Daos, and a vast opportunity could change the workings of the Heavenly Daos to seize all the good fortune between Heaven and Earth! This is a novel that cultivates to become a saint. It was filled with a thick prehistoric color. There were the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, and there was the Duke of Qin who wished to rule the world! There was Nuwa who had gained her Daos, and she had become a Deity who defied the will of Immortals! Great Sage Tengtian had beheaded three thousand of his troubles and became a sage! The killing intent of the terrifying demon king seethed with the desire to destroy the Heavenly Dao. Author's Note: This article is not the kind of piece of writing that I have in my hands. The main character will be beaten, without harem, without stallion! This was the traditional method to upgrade the Golden Finger cultivation technique. Friends who liked this type of technique could collect them and kill them after they got fatter! The update time for the book will begin to stabilize on Monday, which is basically two chapters a day. Everything was in < Fourth Saint of the Chaos Sword > QQ group: 90102539 back<<

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