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Novel The Foolhardies - Author: GD_Cruz
Dean Dapper leads two lives. By day, he’s your average teenager enduring the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the mundane human world—but by night, he’s a reluctant soldier in charge of the Foolhardies, a group of troublemakers fighting in a war of succession that’s been ongoing for nearly five hundred years!A Fifteen-year-old battling mythical fairy-tale beings may sound foolhardy, but Dean isn’t in this for himself. His younger brother Luca faces a life of slavery in the fairy realm, and only Dean’s fight to become the clan hero can rescue Luca from his grim fate. Luckily, Dean finds a valuable ally in Aurana, a princess of the clan with her own political ambitions of her family claiming the empty throne.Strategic battles, magic sword fights, the underbelly of fairy politics, and raging teen hormones—it’s all in a night’s work for Dean, Luca, Aurana, and the rest of the Foolhardies.RELEASE SCHEDULE: 1 chapter daily either at night or during the morning.UPDATE: Lowering the word count from 2,000+ per chapter to 1,000 - 1,500 starting chapter 56 so that readers will have a more concise and well-paced reading experience.Follow me on Twitter "@WhoisGDCruz" for all the Foolhardies news that doesn't fit in the Author's note of each chapter. :pWant to chat about the Foolhardies? I'm on Discord: GD_Cruz#3598 back<<

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