The Fifth Hidden Spirit

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Novel The Fifth Hidden Spirit - Author: Luo Yuan
Heart of the pill melancholy sea of clouds, white rainbow of the day in the youth. This was the summary of the fifth hidden spirit's life. In order to prove his innocence, Luo Ying, who lost both of his parents in the "Jade Wall extermination", joined the Imperial Capital and became its fifth hidden spirit, absorbed all of the true essence of the Twilight Jade and was falsely accused of being the murderer in the destruction of the bamboo forest in the radius of a hundred li under the Shang father, was heavily punished by the six realms. His blood essence and soul went into the devil's body and he became the Demon City's Young Master, Yun Jiu Tang. Because of a lucky chance, he found out about his past. After going through many trials and tribulations, he mastered the Heaven and Earth Scripture, defeated the Heavenly Demon Ancestral Sword, and foiled the conspiracy in the Six Realms. In the end, he fought his brother, Zhu Jiuyin, and defeated him. He saved the Qing Qiu mountain and the Six Realms, but he also lost his true love. He lived in seclusion in Jade Wall City and built a "Snowfall Drinking" teahouse to comfort himself for the rest of his life. back<<

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