The Duke's Substitute Bride is a Maid

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Novel The Duke's Substitute Bride is a Maid - Author: HP
As a maid of the royal family, Irene was sent to learn etiquette by Princess Marla to take her place in marriage.Her partner in a marriage was the brave and fierce General Ronald, who had just been granted the title of a duke!Rumor has it that Ronald was cruel, bloodthirsty, and did not care about women.To even seduce or betray him was to court death.Irene shivered in her wedding gown. She did not know how many days she would survive being around him.Ronald asked, “Wifey, why are you shivering?”Irene responded fearfully, “I… am a little cold…”The tall man smiled and pulled her into his embrace, and their body temperatures rose.One day, the substitute marriage came to light, and thus her marriage with the duke was void. Everyone thought that whatever she had to face next was terrible.However, the duke held her face and said, “Regardless of whether you’re a princess or maid, if you were to marry, it can only be me! back<<

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