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Novel The Blue Eyes - Author: 26stars
Kevin Beischel was a renowned scientist in Serein City. He was a werewolf specialist who lost his parents because of werewolves. On a fateful night, he met an annoying man who tested his patience. The relationship between him and the man gradually developing, but he didn't know that the other man was a werewolf.Meanwhile, the werewolf clan was planning to conquer mankind. All werewolves had red eyes, but there was a prophecy about a blue-eyed werewolf that would help them to defeat humans. But, the blue-eyed werewolf in the prophecy was just a young girl who lived in an orphanage. She was the one who was growing up with Kevin and had a place as a younger sister in Kevin's heart.The situation grew tenser when Kevin finally learned the truth. It was getting worse when the blue-eyed girl in the prophecy finally fell into the werewolves’ hands. Moreover, there was a secret behind a secret, there was a conspiracy behind a conspiracy. How would Kevin overcome the tribulations? Would his love help him to save the world?It's not an ordinary werewolf story!Author note:1. Warning: slow-burn romance! The romance hint will start showing in chapter 10.2. Devoted top x smart bottom!3. There is a girl character in this book, but this is a BL book, so the main couple is boy x boy. THE GIRL IS NOT A THIRD WHEEL! ????4. Characters on the cover were drawn by me and colored by MichelleLeeee ^ back<<

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