The Biker Brothers and the Golden Baby

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Novel The Biker Brothers and the Golden Baby - Author: P_Guims
Situated between a large river and verdant mountains, Subangdaku is a peaceful and laid-back community. For the Biker Brothers - Jamie, Tonton, Bogart and Kiko, life in the district was all fun and easy. Until something happens.....Two "meteors" hit the once quiet district. In the succeeding days, scientists and media flocked in Subangdaku, disturbing its serenity and bringing changes to the community. How far can the people face the challenges?Meanwhile, a girl with golden locks arrives in the primary school. She swept the hearts and eyes of everyone, including the Biker Brothers. Yet, the four friends felt something is really off about her. Who is she? What are her secrets?As Subangdaku embraces the consequences of the "meteor" impact, the Biker Brothers must race to confront the changes within them. As evil lurks and intends to destroy the townspeople, the boys must speed to stop it with the help of their friends and loved ones. Will they triumph? Or will the evil simply destroy them?New chapters every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday/Sunday. back<<

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