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Novel Tales of Jianghu - Author: Updating
Where is life to return to Hong, stormy in the martial arts world. When you bend over, you know what it means to be humiliated. When you look back, you can see your head bobbing up and down. His name was Lu Lu, who wasn't trapped within and struggling with all their might … Perhaps this was his dream. This book has neither transmigrated nor become a fantasy, but it is simply about a colorful martial world: the tragic song of a prodigal son on an ancient road in the setting sun, the heroic demeanor of the desert in the sands of the earth, the thrilling killing and burning of a high moon and night, the windy and drizzling of the south of the river, the snow-capped wilderness, those tragic and moving love legends that make people mourn over their memories and think about their deaths … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] The story was written by Song Renzong from the north. Close] back<<

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