Sword Destroying Reincarnation

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Cheng Xiao Qi






Novel Sword Destroying Reincarnation - Author: Cheng Xiao Qi
At the ends of the world, there was the Azure Sky Continent. For thousands of years, there had been countless heroes in the Azure Sky Continent, and legends were like sand. He, a swordsman who was supposed to be renowned throughout the world, had accidentally gotten involved in the open rivalry between the two races after he had awakened the memories of his previous life and changed his appearance. While he was struggling within the great powers, he sharpened the sword in his hand and angrily swept it across the Six Unity, broke through the blue sky, and annihilated the cycle of reincarnation! " I always felt that the rivers and lakes were very deep, but I didn't expect them to be so shallow that I couldn't drink them! " back<<

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