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Bing Feng De Cheng Shi






Novel Sutra of Bian Que - Author: Bing Feng De Cheng Shi
In Jiading, the imperial court was in a state of turmoil, with smoke rising in all directions in the north, and the imperial government in the south Song Dynasty was in a more peaceful corner, not thinking about going north anymore, and still living a happy life of singing and dancing. Shi Mi Yuan, a powerful official, had killed a famous Gold Resisting Scholar, but after gaining the actual power, he had actually restored the main culprit that had caused the death of King Yue Feiyue. He was reprimanded by the people as an ancient sinner, such as Qin Hui, and his title as a loyal sacrifice had been completely broken for Jin and Mongolia. Resisting the Golden Name Han Ying with this accusation of the crimes of Shi Mi Yuan, Shi Mi Yuan with hatred in his heart, liaising with Han's adversary, Queen Yang, and joining forces to accuse Han Long of having an affair with Jin Guo, selling the owner for honor. Since Song Ning Zong knew Han Yu's character and ignored him, Shi Mi Yuan secretly connected with the Kingdom of Jin to lure experts into the martial world and prepare to make a move against a famous man of his generation. The already restless martial arts world was once again filled with a bloody storm. Close] back<<

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