Chapter 2694  Dimensional Magus (Part 2)

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Chapter 2694  Dimensional Magus (Part 2)

"Fine." Syrah grunted.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Queen Syrah." Meron offered her his hand. "I hope our people can get along and work together to build our homes in Jiera. Care to introduce you to your entourage?"

After the presentations and a bit of small talk, the Royals were impressed by the degree of intelligence and awareness of the reverted monsters. They had expected barely functional bloodthirsty creatures whereas the members of Zelex's senate seemed more rational than most humans.

"I'm sure our people will get along." Queen Sylpha gave Rylah a polite nod of the head, but before she moved on to learn more about the fascinating orc and her crystal staff, there was a question lingering on her mind.

"Magus Verhen, you talked about inviting Emperor Beasts, but aside from the children's friends, I see no one here."

"Allow me to correct you, Your Majesty." Lith pointed at her Faluel, Fyrwal, and Ajatar, the obvious guests she hadn't mentioned to not betray their nature. "Also, those are Reaper, Lifebringer, and Sentinel. The Kings of the Trawn woods."

The two men and one woman were placed in key points of the room, ready to intervene in case something happened. There were also Valia, Trion, Locrias, and Varegrave, but the Demons were spending time with their families, not standing guard.

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