Chapter 807 - 807 – Suspicions Towards Dragon Source Planet

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Chapter 807 - 807 – Suspicions Towards Dragon Source Planet

807 – Suspicions Towards Dragon Source Planet

TL : GoldenLung

Lan Xuanyu said, “He just bumped into me and took the initiative to attack me. As you all know, private fights are not allowed in the academy. He violated the academy’s rules, so I have to send him to the disciplinary office. “

“Senior, don’t! “The girl exclaimed, and the others immediately stepped forward and surrounded Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu was immediately amused. What was wrong with these juniors today? Were they going to rebel?

“What do you mean by this?” Lan Xuanyu asked with a smile.

The girl said softly, “Senior, I’m sorry. My classmate is in a bad mood today, so he accidentally bumped into you. Look, can you be magnanimous and not hold a grudge against him? “

character has always been the most important thing. Today, he took the initiative to attack me because he was in a bad mood. Then, after he graduates from Shrek Academy and meets with setbacks, will he vent his anger on

others around her looked very angry. They actually had the

about the Sky Fighter Mission. We just came back from a Sky Fighter Mission. Another classmate from Heaven Dou Planet like him was seriously injured and died, so his mood is especially

we have abilities that ordinary people don’t have. If our actions are influenced by our emotions, then what if we hurt the innocent? We can’t vent our emotions on

her said angrily, “How can you be so unreasonable? Haven’t


enraged. In their eyes, this was simply Lan Xuanyu provoking them. The

anything!” the girl

more convinced by her and

and looked at Lan Xuanyu, then

quickly tell the teacher about this. Ask the teacher to come to

mission is an important test for everyone. Not only does it test one’s strength and adaptability, but it also tests

make a move. The girl stood in front of Lan Xuanyu and pushed her classmates away one by one. She

must have encountered some special circumstances that caused some of them to die. The girl pulled Lan Xuanyu to the teaching office. After walking for a few minutes, she realized that she was still pulling Lan Xuanyu. She turned her head

Lan Xuanyu. Junior sister, you’re very calm

look much older than her

her eyes at him. “What if

you all to the teaching office together. Because they can’t control

course not. I just want to

the exclusive uniform of

Lan Xuanyu meant. One had to know that this was

guys? There were actually students who died while

instantly turned red

Source Planet. Everything was fine until we found a cave. At that time, Wu

her mention this name. When they carried out the

go to Dragon Source

group of juniors to

time, we even encountered a Proto Dragon beast tide. What happened to

Grass was withdrawn. Due to his weak body, the boy squatted on the ground and panted for a

went blank. I seemed to have forgotten a lot of things. Wang Xiaoyi was in

attacked you guys?”

said, “I don’t remember. I don’t

Wang Xiaoyi asked everyone to run. He seemed to have seen something particularly terrifying. His eyes widened, and then he

looked at Wu Zhiqian. “You

“Red, a lot of

in Wu Zhiqian. This Wu Zhiqian seemed to have been

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