Chapter 4588  He was in a subtle mood.

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Chapter 4588  He was in a subtle mood.

  "In that case, I won't be sending you off. If you need any spirit pills in the future, you can purchase them directly from the pillheart Pavilion. If they can't refine them, I'll do it myself. Big quantity discount!" Before they left, Ling Chuxi did not forget to advertise the pill Heart Pavilion.

  Even the interspatial ring came with the origin God sect's payment, which showed how rich they were. They couldn't miss out on such a rich man.

had just been scammed of a large sum of money naturally felt very subtle when they heard this. Sigh, but he couldn't really

left the Ling family with complicated feelings.

and I need money in more places." Ling Chuxi handed over the two

probably not high. What are you going to do if you give all of them   "Grandfather, don't worry about me. Have you forgotten where these spiritual herbs came from? As for the success rate, do you to me?"

Lords of the sea of death. As for the success rate, with the Azure spiritual fire gifted by the third elder and the cold heart spiritual fire that

many shocking things about this granddaughter of his. Sometimes, even he couldn't

free. I'll just take them." Ling mo Feng naturally wouldn't be polite with his granddaughter, and laughed

up for free, I picked up a

someone's head a few times just now, and then thinking of

much. If every descendant of the Ling family could be so Black-bellied, then the Ling family wouldn't have to

Chuxi also had one more thing to worry about and

poached from the Shangguan and Yuwen families, the Ling family's sacred Weapon Workshop was built very quickly. The shop across the street, which used to belong to the Shangguan Yuwen family

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