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Novel Return of the Monarch - Author: Elude
[Current Status: Hiatus][This is my first ever novel, so there are many mistakes :l ]In the Dragon Continent, a legendary monarch had perished, and his supreme soul returned to its original body on Earth. Feng Hui, the emperor of the Long Kingdom, discovered with disbelief that he had returned to the morning of his fateful accident. Having lived a glorious life above the masses, Feng Hui vowed to faithfully follow his heart in this cycle!But order cannot last forever, Feng Hui’s peaceful life is shattered. In this epoch, Feng Hui is forced to his previous mantle; the Secret Legion’s hidden master shall descend once more on Earth. Retaining a world of schemes, Feng Hui will unveil the apocalypse’s mysteries.* * *Goals!500 PS = 8CH/weekly1000 PS = 10CH/weekly1500 PS = 12CH/weekly2000 PS = 14CH/weekly back<<

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