Resurrecting Metaphysics

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Han Mei Ju Shi






Novel Resurrecting Metaphysics - Author: Han Mei Ju Shi
He was elegant and graceful, his beautiful junior sister went against the family's oath for his sake, and he was also very roguish. In order to fill his own pockets, he sneaked into the cave and stole countless of treasures that others had collected over the years. He was loving, and he was willing to make an enemy of an empire for the sake of a peace that he had never known. He was also cruel. In order to eliminate the enemy, he could even disregard his own life. Just what kind of person is he? 'Revive Mysterious Gate' will bring you together to witness the magnificent life experiences of a commoner! The work updates no less than 5000 words a day, the occasional burst, everybody flowers! Flowers! Subscription ~! Subscription thanks to Chinese Author Material Library for Free Cover Support! zzsck. com Communication QQ Group: 40169631 back<<

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