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Novel Reforming The Universe - Author: Updating
The Third Young Master of the Lu Family, Lu Chen, had no talent in cultivation since he was a child. He was attacked while he was out and Lu Yu died to save Lu Chen. Lu Chen was charged with deliberately killing Lu Yu and was kicked out of the Lu Family. Lu Chen, who wanted to find out the truth, was hunted down after he left the Lu family. Lu Chen, who was forced into a dead forest, ate an immortal fruit to improve his body, but was possessed by his nascent soul … Three years later, Lu Chen returned to the Lu Family and set off a huge commotion on Sky Dragon Continent. He had also officially embarked on the road of cultivation. "You asked me why I'm cultivating. At first, I wasn't clear about it, but now, I am clear that the heavens and the earth are unfair. Since the heavens and the earth are unfair, I am going to destroy the heavens and destroy the earth to create a new world for the world." [Close] back<<

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