Records of the Weakest Emperor

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Novel Records of the Weakest Emperor - Author: Theadventurer
Calvin Villanueva was once heralded as the savior of the world. His might was unrivaled despite possessing the weakest class in Las Felipinas. But in a cruel twist of fate, his achievements were turned against him and in a span of a single night, he went from experiencing heaven to plunging into the deepest parts of hell.Captured and imprisoned by the Sucklings, an alien invader who came from a different realm. Calvin became their Scribe, the Keeper of History, and ultimately... He arrived at the peak of the weakest Writer Profession and became the Author of Fate. Unfortunately, it was already too late. The world was now in ruins and Calvin only had a single choice in front of him. It was death.He may have chosen death but he had proven before his death that he was indeed the true savior of humanity.Manipulating fate, twisting time and space... Calvin went back to the past for a second chance to turn things around!This is a story of someone who was once at the peak, striving to return to the summit while correcting his past mistakes, against all odds, and clashes against unscrupulous gods and the supernatural he shall once again find his own path to the top.Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action, Evil Gods, Evil Religions, Goddesses, Hidden Abilities, Industrialization, Mature Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Mystery Solving, Mythology, Nobles, Time Travel back<<

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