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Novel Quick Transmigration: The Fe... - Author: Ling Meow
Xiaotu Xian Su Nuo was thrown into Three Thousand Worlds. The gloomy teenager whispered in her ear. “I saved you, dare to run, but my legs are interrupted!” The master in white fluttering and fluttering as if an immortal chuckled softly. “Nuo Nuo, come here.” The overbearing and black-bellied Nine-Five Lord trapped her in his arms, full of affection. “Three thousand weak water, only take a scoop of drink.” The doomsday broke out, and the pale-skinned teenager reached out to her. “I forget everything, but I dare not forget you alone.” Later, Su Nuo himself couldn’t tell whether he had ever met those affectionate and paranoid men. As soon as I opened my eyes, I was caught in my arms. The man stroked her long hair, “Nuo Nuo, do you now know what love is?” Su Nuo tugged at the man’s clothes, pitifully: “No, don’t eat me (ó﹏ò?)” back<<

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