Chapter 4197 - 4197 Last Bout Of Madness (2)

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Chapter 4197 - 4197 Last Bout Of Madness (2)

4197 Last Bout Of Madness (2)

Huang Beicheng’s face turned blue, with a terrified expression.

Even Huang Sanbai’s words failed to appease him in time.

“Elder Sanbai, it’s not a matter of courage, this… this is the practice of the demons! This is forbidden, if people see it, we will all be ruined! You should quickly find a way, Let’s deal with it! If you can’t think of it for a while, then I will find a way.”

Huang Beicheng believed in Huang Sanbai wholeheartedly, and took the initiative to take responsibility.

be so nervous. Young people are impatient, and they only listen


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on his face, “But…Elder Sanbai, this is

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know that this is a demonic exercise? I guarantee that no one will be

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you have already seen that the main function of this exercise is to stimulate the potential of the

you to a small level. This is different. It can inspire you three times in a row. potential! In other words, you are currently at the middle stage

a little bit moved even though Huang Beicheng

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Moying himself may not

definitely be able to sweep away all the geniuses

trampled underfoot, and successfully ascend

saw that he was a little moved, and felt even more

Phoenix Clan! If you lose to Li Moying, it will not only be a shame for you alone, but

said, “Elder Sanbai, are you sure that this exercise will

Could it be that I will


to win the finals,

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