Prince Salvador: Chaotic Throne Of Love

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Novel Prince Salvador: Chaotic Throne Of Love - Author: silvaaresta
Warning! Mature Content!Cover By: Natsuko ArtEleonore Victorine is a beautiful woman who works as an interior designer in a large company in the city of London. Her life it was fine before, has to fall apart when she meets a wealthy businessman named Marvelo Salvador!The mad man who claims to be the King and Eleonore is the Queen. Which makes Ele's days even worse ..Marvelo is the king of darkness who is a mixture of blood fairies and vampires, he reigns hundreds of years and leads the world from behind a throne ...Marvelo's power was able to make Ele out of work and not accepted by any company in the city of London ..Eleonore blames God's destiny, because she feels that God is unfair to Ele's life. However, Eleonore doesn't realize that there is actually a sincere love from Marvelo that Ele often ignores her existence.How is their story going? the moment of magic touch, the story of the past, the present situation, and the arrogance of Eleonore who never thought that Marvelo's love was real. will all that bring them together and have a happy ending?nobody knows. because we will discuss everything in the next chapte back<<

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