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Novel Pirate: I was dug out by Robin - Author: Alan invincible
Luo Lin passed through, and when he came to the world of Pirates, he bound a system called becoming a god when he died. From then on he began his crazy life as a god!Jumped Di in the fire, also bathed in magma;once jumped down from Wanmikong Island, also dived 10,000 meters deep sea;once singled out Roger Pirates, and once let the overlord Locks Pirates The regimenthad a mental breakdown; even one person killed Mary Joa with a single knife, forcing Eim to use the national treasure, and thus disappeared!Thirty-six years later, he was dug up by an archaeologist!So the world is boiling!White Beard: "Why it's you again!!!" Bai Beast Kaido: "No, please don't come here!"Bigmom: "I will call someone if you come here again!!!" back<<

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