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Novel Otaku Card System - Author: LittleDreamFairy
Hana Zhao never thought reality would change after one night. She fell from the top assassin in a peak organization to a powerless teen straddled with debt.Transmigrating into the mysterious Tower Between Worlds, she is now part of a world where humanity has supreme abilities. Dangerous dungeons are an integral part of life on every floor. Within this New Age, Hana will climb her way to the top as a dungeon hunter.Who cares if they can tame beasts? Her Pokemon will dominate all in battle.Elemental weapons? Check out her Zanpakuto collection.Hell if she really wanted, she could drown a city with her Djinn equips.While her predecessor thought her ability was useless, Hana knows she has the ultimate cheat. This will be the time when otakus reign supreme!Note: Cover photo isn't mine. back<<

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