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Novel One-click Cultivation System - Author: D猫
"Ding!" The first function is to activate the automatic training. The training speed is equivalent to that of a super monster! ""Ding!" "Function leveling up, cultivation speed doubled, function upgrading, cultivation speed doubled again!""Ding!" "The second function is active, turn on the automatic martial arts practice …""Ding!" "The third function has been activated …"Difficult to cultivate? Sorry, but cultivating one day is equivalent to cultivating for decades!Difficult to cultivate? I'm sorry, but I can easily learn so many cultivation techniques without doing anything!Refining pills was extremely difficult? I'm sorry, but if I can't finish all the pills, I'm going to run out of luck!……After Su Lang had obtained the first key cultivation system, it had become stronger every second!From now on, there would be no enmity between the heavens and the earth!PS: Fellow students who find this book short on words, please take a look at my previous book, < Divine level Shared Boyfriend System >! back<<

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