Chapter 1519 Dessert Or Desert - Final

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Chapter 1519 Dessert Or Desert - Final

Even without any target systems to guide it, the missiles were unloaded into the Giant Metal Sandworm's mouth and flew straight into the monster's belly. Internal explosions were heard and this gave cheers to the ground units who saw their fighter planes in action. It showed that the pilots were competent enough not just to fly the plane and perform amazing manoeuvres such as this that allowed them to be under the payroll of these high status private corpos.

However, those cheers turned to horror as they saw one of the planes diving plainly straight into the mouth of the Giant Metal Sandworm as well. Fox 3 Pilot deemed that even if it did not have any fuel, a suicide attack would be worth a try damaging the organs of the Giant Metal Sandworm and giving a minuscule chance for the ground army to defeat it.

But the horror turned to relief as they saw the pilot ejecting out in time before the plane sharply fell into the stomach of the Giant Metal Sandworm. The other plane did not have such guts and managed to move out of the mouth in time with whatever conserved fuel it had before gliding away. The only problem was the Sandworm while in pain, did not stop flinching.

Its head swirled so quickly that it turned to the direction of the getaway plane and munch on it as if it was not going to allow any more of its food to run away from its range. That was when the ground army had decided that it was time to counterattack attack considering that it was above ground for more than a minute.

within their possession less the small arms, knowing that it would be useless at this current juncture. Rockets launchers and self propelled grenades were used to bring the metal beast down to its proverbial knees by aiming at the parts where the tanks

As if handling a Giant Metal Sandworm was not enough, the remnants of the private corpo army now had to deal with small Metal Sandworms.

this incoming wave of new monsters. The damage they continued to put out does seem to have an effect on the Giant Metal Sandworm but they knew that sooner or later, their

the worst wish possible as

of the commanders grumbled and suddenly another group of troops teleported out from nowhere in front of them,

the commanders' heads as well as the huge group

them at all. Based on instincts, they went for the closest Mechanoid and chewed them up. It was

Sandworm screeched even louder and sent more of

themselves from the mess, yet another regiment of troops

basis and that was how Old Fammet's workshop will survive. Even if they were able to constantly

detected another seismic event happening right underneath them, predicting that there was more than

only thing they could do was to injure the Sandworms sufficiently to the point that the

absolute motivation for the commanders to

saw how effective his newly made dungeon instance was. For something that did not

dungeon you made. This is a nightmare they would not be able

get for not fighting fair in the first place. As you said, this was meant

Tactical System warned Jin as if it

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