Myths of Mountains and Seas

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Tang Yi Gu Dian






Novel Myths of Mountains and Seas - Author: Tang Yi Gu Dian
In the four seas and eight wastelands, the Mystic Maiden offered up the secret arts of the Mountain and Sea Realm, the Seven Domains of the Nine Prefectures, and the Nine Tripod Commerce.When this cauldron reached ten percent completion, the rain of blood would rain down upon the deities and devils.The River Diagram appeared, as did Luo Shu. The human world was in turmoil.It was rumored that these nine cauldrons were the ones that had gained the world. However, he did not know that the treasures of the nine cauldrons were all in the Mountain Sea Secret Art that was drawn on the cauldron.After that, the nine cauldrons sank into the Luo River, disappearing without a trace. The five paths of the world, the Wonder Gate, the Illusion Dao, the Mountain Sect, the Sea Sect, the Scripture Pavilion, and the five sects' heirs, each had their own secret treasures, all for the sake of obtaining the Mountain Sea secret arts within the nine cauldrons.This fight lasted for thousands of years … back<<

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