My (Monster?) Hero Life

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Novel My (Monster?) Hero Life - Author: Antihero
Our protagonist Kace suddenly gets reincarnated. With a voice in head he has to wonder. Is it god? More like a twisted goddess who has a grudge to settle.His perfect life seemed to be within his grasp and the excitement was unbearable. Though a random thought and a bored 'godess' quickly derailed these dreams of his.I guess even Monsters need a hero.Building a new life in another world could never be easy. Especially when it begins with a mad goblin shaman and a murderous orc hanging around. Sigh. Join Kace on his journey of evolution. As a hero for monsters his only goal is to gather a team of powerful allies like himself. To end the invasion of the evil human race.From humble beginnings in caverns on a mountain, to forcefully taking a town for the monsters to call home. From heading out to sea to discovering dark secrets hidden from prying eyes in absolute darkness.He's in a race against time, seeking to uncover the truths of this new world before it's too late to save it.Abandoning ones humanity has never been so nob back<<

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