Muyun, The Sword Sovereign

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Novel Muyun, The Sword Sovereign - Author: Updating
: It is said that a white-robed youth appeared in the Jianghu not long ago. He has an elegant demeanor and is gentle like jade. He is handsome and elegant. If he swung his sword with snow or his Pear Blossom Dance, it would be extremely beautiful. However, within a year, he had mercilessly annihilated five sects in the martial arts world. At that moment, everyone in the martial arts world felt respect and fear for him. It was a tribute to his integrity, as all the people he killed were later found out. They were all once villains to Li Shu, committing evil in many ways. Ju was cruel, and the sects he killed were all slaughtered. Not a single one of them survived. After every incident, he would always leave his name in the word 'blood'. He called himself the "White Robe Sword" Yang Muyun. Close] back<<

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