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Novel Move a Monster To Another Wo... - Author: 咕咕大萌德
What will be most important in 100,000 years? Talent! With the "Heartstone" system, Gao Wen traveled to the world one hundred thousand years later. Elise Star Chase accompany me on my adventure, Valera squeezed my shoulders, Archmage Antonidas, please light up the lights, and the Lich King will make ice cream for me... Lying in Onyxia’s arms, holding Ysera on the left and Alexstrasza on the right, listening to the soul singer singing "Invincible", watching the three Windrunner sisters dancing, who can understand my mood? Summon the Kirin Tor mage to build Dalaran, summon Van Cleef to build Stormwind City, summon Fandral Staghelm to plant the world tree. The places where the kobolds have dug are all my territory, and the griffons that flew over are all mine. Airspace. Groups of dinosaurs are running on the ground, and huge dragons patrolling the sky; play cards in a circle, summon: Heroes of Warcraft! back<<

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