Chapter 3192 Breakthrough

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Chapter 3192 Breakthrough

"Good girl," I said to the wolf monster as I fed her the strips of meat. She ate it before coming to snuggle against me, licking my face.

She is a young wolf monster that I had been feeding every few days since I had come here. The wolf is cute and quite obedient, and also intelligent enough to follow complex commands.

The people here had taught her well.

I played with her for an hour before I went back to my cabin. As I entered inside, I went to the practice room directly. 

It is time that I make the breakthrough to the Peak of Primary II.

The treatments I have gone through in the past one and a half month is going to make it difficult.

If I had made a breakthrough without it, it would have been smooth like the last breakthrough, but I am not the person to take things easy.

and immediately, a square red crystal plate appeared on

single thing come back to me. Thankfully, it

in essence form, prepared by me. Some of them were very hard

alchemy skill; not to mention,

failures, I have saved a tremendous

for the Peak of Primary II, even those who are breaking through

before floating up in

would have been able to go through it two months ago and

make a breakthrough, it

a moment later, the breakthrough formation buzzed, and with

role in this breakthrough, or

I predict it would be. Going above

of the bottles and begin to fill the runes. It is

a breakthrough in it; I have designed

powerful upgrades. Not just materials improved, but also the

I would be able to get such data

a tide within a few seconds. The runes have covered every part of

also happening to my core, which was

blob and begin to spin slowly. As it did, it begin to pull

was fine, but soon, I

first, but slowly it

it is brownish green formation is doing

do something like that; even those insane wouldn't

what they are

speck of the soul let me do this thing. Even with it, I need to be

till I needed to grit

is extremely painful, and it will last till the end

about it made my whole-body shudder. A success, on the other

my core had consumed

my face. I have done tinkering with my breakthrough,

extremely dangerous, but

immense. If anyone were to see it, they would get shocked. This is

of soul sense from the Earth Sovereign, but I will only know

that did

a powerhouse was piqued, I

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