Chapter 1687 - 1687 The Envoy from the Nirvana Organization

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Chapter 1687 - 1687 The Envoy from the Nirvana Organization

Chapter 1687 The Envoy from the Nirvana Organization

As the news of the destruction of the Water Clan spread, all the major forces in the world knew that the strength of Nirvana was completely beyond their imagination.

“So, why is the Nirvana Organization so powerful?

“Without a doubt, that is because they possess a technique that can quickly improve people to the S class!”

All the countries and forces in the world were sure that it was because of this technique that the Nirvana Organization could develop to such a powerful extent.

This opinion also caused people from all over the world to be even more envious of the Nirvana Organization. Almost every country and every force wanted to get that technique very much.

They felt that as long as they got that technique, they would definitely develop to be as powerful as the Nirvana Organization, or even stronger than the organization.

In the Laozi Relic in Huaxia.

Just when the whole world was in turmoil because of a statement made by the Nirvana Organization, a piece of news reached the Sword Sect.

In the meantime, Fang Qiu heard his phone ringing.


Seeing that it was a call from Li Ji, Fang Qiu immediately picked it up.

“Someone from the Nirvana Organization has arrived.”

On the other end of the line, Li Ji said directly, “Nirvana Organization took the initiative to contact us, and they have sent a man to Huaxia. At this time, that man is in Beijiang. After careful investigation, we found that the person sent by Nirvana is not a martial arts practitioner.”


Fang Qiu was stunned and asked, “Is there anyone in the Nirvana Organization who doesn’t know martial arts?”

“According to the information we have, it is true.”

Li Ji paused for a moment and said, “The higher-ups hold the same opinion as you. They don’t believe in Nirvana Organization at all, so they have informed the Sword Sect and are ready to contact the person sent by the Nirvana Organization. They also hope that you can go over and see what’s going on because you have fought with the organization many times and are more familiar with it than they do. Maybe you can see what’s fishy within.”


Fang Qiu immediately nodded and agreed.

can’t kill their envoy, even if we are at war with

I want to take action, I’ll only do

hung up the phone

the Sword Sect were already waiting

they had just

was still

Qiu made a

a smile and said,

with Wei Jian. They directly flew out of

relic, Wei Jian asked, “What do

when I

wrong. The Nirvana Organization has been hiding for decades and has been very careful.

and having all their strongholds cleaned up by your Sword Sect in Huaxia, they should

well. Although we don’t know what the Nirvana Organization is up to

two of them came

been arranged for a long time and

the car stopped at the

said, “Let’s have a good look at this

and got out

the group of people soon arrived

sitting in the private room. He was wearing the black robe

was opened, the

turned his head,

the killing

seen John Doe, the name John Doe had

the Nirvana Organization, John

death. Not only ordinary disciples of the Nirvana Organization but also all the Venerables

were afraid of John Doe from the bottom of their

immediately reached out to make a hold-fist salute and said

Jian behind him and walked toward the

Sword Sect, who followed them,

the room, he had been observing

him. It seemed that the young man was really

sit face to face with a

down and looked

and asked with a smile, “If I’m not

something to say,

“I’m not in the mood

loud and said in Huaxianese, “In

Wei Jian both

was going to say and why the


has always been in awe of Huaxia. No matter what plans we have, we will

Huaxia and know it so well, do

question was raised, Fang

know much about

of our Nirvana is to expiate sins, to save everyone from all the sufferings and disasters, to

doing good

on a questioning face and stared at

have said things countless times

you can kill people at will and control the life and death of


said, “Well, let me tell you

time we are willing to share the speed-up technique with people all over the

be enemies with Huaxia.

Fang Qiu, even Wei

narrowed his eyes, stared at the foreign

to tell you that we are serious

unusually calm and said with a smile, “What I want to

shrugged, stood up,

door, he was stopped by



around, thanked him with

at John Doe with a frown, “Does he mean that the Nirvana

shook his

also confused by

the Nirvana

someone here is to tell

be friends with


wants to


believe that the original intention of the Nirvana


sending a powerless person

asked, “What

they are

by Nirvana are preparing for the auction they mentioned in their

point, Fang

city. I’ll follow him

he left

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