Chapter 1409 - Chapter 1409 It Heals in 24 Hours!

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Chapter 1409 - Chapter 1409 It Heals in 24 Hours!

Chapter 1409 It Heals in 24 Hours!

Before long…

Again, Morse’s car entered the manor and stopped in the same parking place.

Zhang Yicheng was about to get up and greet them, but Fang Qiu stopped him.

Over there…

Morse didn’t feel upset because Fang Qiu and Zhang Yicheng didn’t get up to welcome him. Instead, he got out of the car with an excited look. Quickly, he strode toward Fang Qiu.

“I can give you 1,000,000 dollars, but you have to promise you will cure my foot injury.”

Sitting down at the table, Morse stared at Fang Qiu and said.


Fang Qiu nodded as if it was by no means a sure thing. Then, he said, “I can start the treatment now. Though I can cure you on the spot, it will take some time for you to recover. This way, your old injuries won’t relapse in your following training and competition!”

“How long?”

Morse hurriedly asked.

“It won’t be long: 24 hours!”

Fang Qiu said.

When everyone here heard this…

They were shocked!

“24 hours?

“Could the injury be cured in such a short time?

“It is a problem in the bones. The growth cycle of the bone was at least three months. How could it be cured in 24 hours?”

Not to mention the media reporters and staff present…

Even Morse himself was shocked by Fang Qiu’s words!


Morse repeatedly nodded like a chick pecking at rice.

“Raise your foot.”

Fang Qiu signaled Morse to lift his foot to the low stool. Then, he asked, “When I treat your injury, I’ll break your foot bones again. I’ve told you about it. Are you afraid of pain?”

“I feel no pain!”

Morse responded, clenching his teeth, and said, “I’m ready.”

When Fang Qiu heard it…

He didn’t hesitate.

He pressed his hands on Morse’s ankle.


over, gritting his



this time, he moved his hands dexterously and connected


the pain. Suddenly, the sharp pain disappeared. Just as


Fang Qiu with

connected all your

“Next, I’ll treat your

foot. Then, he moved his mental power through the bone pieces and held all of them in

internal Qi, the bones

short as

had all grown

go of

but you shouldn’t exert too much strength. Now the bones have just recovered.

words came


trying to


noticed his feet didn’t hurt anymore. It

to put forth too much strength. He only

reporters around



get up and just told Morse,


it hard to believe it. “Why can’t I feel any pain

of my super skills. I


foot now. But can you guarantee my

Qiu with hesitation and

There’s no need to do anything more. Hurry up


confused expression. Eventually, he could

also left

out of

stop the car. He then checked into a particularly luxurious

if his foot injury

foot was gone, and

If his foot injury could be healed in one day,


1,000,000 dollars to the bank


reported this matter

cured his foot injury on the spot. They only said it was half cured. A


couldn’t help complaining

was half

see if Morse’s foot injury

to cure the fracture in one day.

injury doesn’t heal 24 hours later, how could

pass quickly. I really can’t stand



more looking forward to

make it. Therefore, they expected the result because they wanted


soon spread

the basketball star

little? I remember Legendary Fang Qiu only

their network community, I won’t bother to explain to them. I just need to wait for 24 hours. When the time is up, the

who gets the most attention. At first, he cured the man at the

Qiu went to Murica? He especially goes there to promote Chinese Medicine. This time, he will greatly

wherever he goes. Watching his news is like following


flash, 24

luxury hotel

eyes and cameras,

for a moment. Then, he tried to move and


immediately rushed to the


that Morse’s foot

a result, he even suspected that his



results, and went straight to the MIC Central Arena.

all the staff and his teammates

Moss’s injury

rest for at least a year. Only in

about on the basketball

and the

concerned, Morse was

and gave a thumbs-up sign. Then, he called out happily in an ecstasy of delight, “Chinese Medicine is great!


and added, “Thank you, God, for



major media outlets also published the video of

news of the


Murica was


doctor earn 1,000,000

foot injury

how is


in shock, a few

small number of


Central Hospital of Wahton. He

as the

knew that Morse

should it be true that Fang Qiu

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