Chapter 5001 - Chapter 5001, Another Sneak Attack

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Chapter 5001 - Chapter 5001, Another Sneak Attack

Chapter 5001, Another Sneak Attack

Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

The drawbacks of using the Universe Transference Law were too great, and it had to be performed under extremely stable conditions. Right now, at a critical point between life and death, how could any Squad member still be able to use the Universe Transference Law?

The only thing they could do was make a desperate attempt to resist by relying on their positional advantages under the leadership of the two Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in their Squad.

It was also fortunate that this Squad had two Seventh-Order Masters. If there had been only one of them, then they might not have held on this long.

The Black Ink Clansmen were all hiding themselves in the Black Ink Cloud and using it as a cover as they came in and out to attack occasionally, or they would use Secret Techniques to stir things up for the Human cultivators from within the cloud. As time passed, the circle formed by the Black Ink Cloud was rapidly shrinking, leaving the Human Squad with no place to retreat.

It was at this point that Dawning Light came to their rescue.

The Black Ink Clansmen inside of the Black Ink Cloud had clearly noticed Dawning Light’s arrival. As a certain part of the Black Ink Cloud stirred, a few dozen Black Ink Clansmen emerged, led by one with a ferocious appearance and emitting an aura from top to bottom that clearly belonged to that of a Feudal Lord.

The imposing Feudal Lord, armed with a huge spear, was clearly intent on intercepting Dawning Light.

As they continued drawing closer, Dawning Light’s camouflage suddenly dissipated, revealing its true appearance.

Ink Clan forces had naturally become aware of it, and that their

thought that he would not come across them in this vast warzone, but after seeing Dawning Light with its

Lord did not dare to confront them and

they were slightly slower to react. When they saw their Feudal Lord retreating without a

Clansmen could resist. In an instant, many of them were wiped out, but Dawning Light did not

this opportunity to bombard Dawning Light with their attacks, but Dawn had long been prepared for

dents to appear on its surface. With the deep pits as

Cloud’s blockade while withstanding the Black Ink

dire straits, but when a Human Warship appeared before them, they understood at once

Feng Ying shouted

her hand seal, a

and their auras were weak, so

had already disappeared from the deck. When he reappeared,

instantly turned into

was silently approaching. It was the same one who

Ink Cloud and had yet to settle his

to be the rumoured Human Squad Leader who was ridiculously strong, but also delighted that

had no idea why this man would proactively run into the Black Ink

quickly advanced to a distance of 300 meters away from Yang Kai.

was a fierce glint in the Feudal Lord’s eyes as he

and stared at him, the corners of his mouth turning into a cold smile. The golden vertical

not figure out how he had been spotted, but a spearhead was

attack. As their spears clashed, the Feudal Lord felt a terrifying force erupting in front of

after him like a shadow after the unsuccessful strike, his spear thrusting forward indomitably.

was, and it was said that only a Territory Lord could defeat him; however, those were just rumours he had heard,

Lord could withstand. At the very least, four or five Feudal Lords

Dragon Spear, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed, and as if he were possessed by

Black Ink Cloud. The attack came from outside and

pushed back by a huge force and his

a tiny scratch on the Azure Dragon Spear

protected himself with his Azure Dragon Spear, the

Yang Kai’s lit

Ink Disciple from Divine Feather Paradise since the last time

a part of his focus on his surroundings during every fight

appeared again, and sure enough, that guy took advantage of the

gotten caught by this attack again. Though it was unlikely to kill him,

and allowed his arrow to pierce right through him. Then, when

how was he going to

this time, the golden light came from the opposite direction compared to before. If


not aimed at him

surrounding Dawning Light actually shattered to pieces,

in charge of controlling the defensive array grunted

resulting in them suffering some of the backlash. What’s more, the array itself

There was more than one defensive array installed on

in a hurry, not even wasting time to kill off

let him get away even though he was ready for him this time, then it would

The second attack was a Secret Technique

was also extremely wary of him

disappeared from the battlefield in an

looked around, but there were obvious


left immediately after his attack failed.

used that enabled him to run away so quickly. In front of Space Principles, distance was no

troublesome to deal with, and it reinforced Yang Kai’s idea

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