Chapter 5611: Someone Familiar

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Chapter 5611: Someone Familiar

“We don’t have to head there?” Tuoba Yijian and Tuoba Tianxue looked at Chu Feng.

“There are two roads before us. One is to head to that mountain, but the rewards are limited based on what I have observed. The alternative is to use our tokens. These tokens are an entrance too, but we’ll have to activate them. It’ll be tougher, but the rewards are higher too,” Chu Feng said.

Tuoba Yijian took out an exquisite compass with a flick of his wrist. The compass emanated an extremely old aura that indicated that it was a treasure from the Immemorial Era.

“Is this the compass that allowed him to reach this boulder before me?” Chu Feng could tell that the compass was an invaluable treasure harnessing immense power. It was likely to be even stronger than his Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk.

The compass’ needle was wavering among three points, namely Chu Feng, Tuoba Yijian, and Tuoba Tianxue.

“These tokens are really entrances,” Tuoba Yijian exclaimed in delight. He turned to Chu Feng and asked, “Do you know how to decipher the tokens?”

“Channel your consciousness into your token; there should be a trial awaiting you there. However, I don’t think that we’ll be able to cooperate on the trial. We’ll have to clear it with our own capability,” Chu Feng said.

“Let’s give it a try, but let’s not enter the entrance if you figure out the way to clear the trial. Return here and share your insights with the others instead,” Tuoba Yijian said.

“I suspect that we’ll be pulled into the entrance as soon as we clear the trial, but I’ll try my best to return here if possible,” Chu Feng said as he inspected the token.

A moment later, his consciousness was pulled into another dimension reminiscent of a labyrinth. There was a huge incense stick floating above the labyrinth, which most likely served as a timer. He had roughly two hours to clear the labyrinth judging by the rate it was burning down.

to figure a way out of the labyrinth before the incense

Tuoba Tianxue staring at the tokens in their hands, but their bodies

later, the two

asked, “Did you enter a labyrinth with

I failed the

think we’re able to attempt it again. Why don’t


from the labyrinth. He also drew out the

are our labyrinths different?”

out the labyrinth. His mapping of the labyrinth

one I saw

different. We can’t exchange insights like

try,” Chu Feng said as

entered. It didn’t match the ones Tuoba Tianxue and Tuoba Yijian drew too. It would appear that

believe that

confidence; if anything, it only made

passed in

and Tuoba

The labyrinth is different

for me too,”

I can clear it. I’ll be counting

“Brother Chu Feng, is it the same for

Yijian’s surprise, Chu

out yet? He

whiff of smoke and seeped into his

he succeed?” Tuoba

with a sigh. He was

Tuoba Yijian remarked

the two of them

Why now?”

absence when we came out. What are

able to explore the Nine Realms Immortal Region. How annoying!” Tuoba Yijian was displeased, but he quickly thought of something

punishment will be lighter if

young age, and it wasn’t easy for us to get out. Tianxue, let’s play a little longer.” Tuoba Yijian

before leaving the area. He headed not for the mountain peak

but he rose into the

where he found himself floating above a

water of the

Feng replied as he


him that jolted his heart. It was someone whom

not too far away, staring at

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