Love And Hate of Blood Sword

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Novel Love And Hate of Blood Sword - Author: Hong Chen Bu Ji Mo
Lin Hongxue was an extraordinary orphan. Carrying the hatred of the annihilation of his sect, hiding in the martial arts world. A fortuitous encounter with a martial artist was taught a peerless divine art by the Xiao Yao Immortal. Furthermore, it was said that he had obtained a treasure, the "Ruyi Knife". As for his enemy, the Southern Palace, who trained in the "Great Blood Devil Art" and the "Myriad Demons Divine Art" of the Western Regions, he was injured by Lin Hongxue's blade at the Martial Arts Competition. As a result of this, Lin Hong Xue had no intention of opening the gate to the God Realm. She wanted to become the future supreme leader of the God Realm, the "Asura God"! It was a battle between gods and devils that had never been seen before in history. From then on, he would embark on the road of divine refinement that was filled with thrill, excitement, and passion … He wanted to see how Lin Hongxue cultivated the Qi of the Nine Realms, how she could dominate all living beings in the three realms of the gods and devils. back<<

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