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Novel Legendary Guardian - Author: Riviz
As the figure stood at the peak of the mountain which towered over all other structures almost kissing the clouds, his bright red eyes burned bright in the darkness and his black flowing hair fluttered in the wind. With a sinister smile on his face that revealed his fangs, he gazed upon the kingdom which surrounded itself with giant walls. "For too long my people have hidden within these mighty walls... Fear not my people for I have heard your cries and pleas... Henceforth... the human race will fear no one!" Derik said with determination in his eyes. Finally! after years of trials and tribulations, he finally attained the strength he needed to protect the people he loves. But at what cost? Even now he can still hear the cries of those who he once called friends, those who he betrayed to achieve his goal. The path which he chose to walk is a lonely one... in the end, it was necessary back<<

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