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Novel Kalar´s Continent - Author: Passwortknacker
"The road of Magic is rocky and steep, but I will rise to the top, you will see!""The nature of magic is shape- and colorless, impervious to the naked eye, but with the right gift, it can be tamed.""The demons will taste my wrath, eventually!"***Meet Teo, a young boy with a gift for Arcane Magic and follow him on his quest for wisdom, power, and the lost secrets of an ancient era.With a rare magical bloodline and an ancient Golem by his side, he is quickly recognized for his talent and forges ahead a path for himself through wit, relentlessness, and a good portion of luck.From a nobody, born in a remote village, to a talented Apprentice. From useless assistant to respected Enchanter. From boy to man. From mortal to Magician. This is his story.***"What? You call that defense? Let me blast that apart for you!""You dare to lay your dirty hands on my friends? Let me teach you a lesson that you won't forget!"***The nature of magic will show its true colors soon enough, the secrets of the world laid bare, but will he be satisfied with the answers he may find?**********Greetings from the author! The release schedule will be (Whenever I have time and am not in danger of failing all my exams) ch/week until further notice. Feedback, fanart, comments, and reviews are heavily appreciated! back<<

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