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Novel Journey Through The Magical World - Author: Therapist
Sebastian Smith lived his whole life in poverty while his parents owed a debt that they could never payback. He decided that he wanted to change that and so he started studying very seriously.While he was in high school he was doing part-time for minimum wage. After high school, he got a scholarship to a pretty good college near the capital.One day he got kidnapped and tortured. When the kidnapper got bored, he killed his family only to see him suffer one last time.Sebastian wanted the suffering to stop so he decided that the only way for it to stop was to commit suicide. He bit his tongue so he wouldn't die by the hands of this bastard.When he died a god took pity on him and decided to reincarnate him while also granting him 5 wishes. Follow Sebastian on his journey through the new world!P.S. I'm doing this just for fun, I'm writing what I would do in that situation back<<

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