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Novel Iron Conceited Doctor - Author: Shen Ruo Han
Broken Star, Moon Break. Two peerless pills that could overturn the Heavenly Dream's number one medicinal family, the Teng family. In the cruel reality, with the baptism of his blood, Teng Yan braved the reputation of being a good-for-nothing as he charged forward amidst the bloody slaughter and rose to the top. He shouldered the task of reviving the clan. He was a medicinal master who created heaven-defying pills and controlled the fates of the strong. He was a warrior who cultivated an unparalleled cultivation technique and drank the blood of his enemies. Reversing Heaven with Martial Arts, reversing Heaven and Earth with medicine. To see how Teng Yan could cast his demonic mind into the legend of never falling down … …. "Communication Group: 196391741" back<<

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